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Investigation 2: The New Normal

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Human talent in a company

The human talent of a company is considered the key to achieving its objectives. Point out that this talent must be committed and motivated to achieve success. Implement motivation techniques and thus get workers to commit to the policies and objectives of the company.

How to attract human talent to companies using the color technique?

This methodology helps us to know what color the organization’s culture is and how a person can best fit into that culture. Not only is it synergy, but it is vital that there are profiles of all colors. For this reason, it is also important to take into account aspects such as:

  • Offer competitive salaries
  • Bet on flexibility
  • Offer continuous training and a development plan professional
  • Create a good work environment
  • Transmit unconscious leadership
  • Choose to be affable with all workers.

Human talent and knowledge management

It is the process where Information Management, Technology and Human Resources converge, "It embodies the organizational process that seeks the synergistic combination of data and information processing through Information Technologies and the creativity and innovation capacities of human beings. humans

Talento humano VS Recursos humanos

Human talent management focuses on helping and improving the organization's talent to the maximum, maintaining the professional development of employees as a priority while Human Resources deals with payments, vacation days, benefits and complaints.

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