How do we do it?


We offer permanent support and training to access our tools with assistance or autonomously.




We have a large group of senior consultants certified in the use of our methodology and access to our virtual tools.

Consultores THT



We provide training in the development of soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, sales among others.




Our methodology

Experiential Training:

We offer training through role-play-based “learning by doing” methodology, which generates greater impact, recall, and soft-skills learning.


10 Certificated Workshops:

We have experiential training workshops on different topics, which have been developed and validated through years of research. If our workshops do not get a rating higher than 80 out of 100 by the attendees, we will not charge for them.


Tailor-made workshops based on your need:

Based on the application of a test to each employee and taking into account the diagnosis of your organization, we make customized intervention plans.


Coaching for impact per person

Based on the methodology of “Biocoaching” we accompany people from being and doing in order to achieve superior performance levels.



We offer training in our methodology without cost, which allows you to apply the Method of Colors through our 33 tools.



Our color language methodology is provided through recreational training created as an “innovation workshop” in which it is possible to find more and better ways to impact the Human Talent in your organization.


The tools:

Our technological tools are validated and have user manuals and practical exercises in order to know in a more practical way how to use them in the management of Human Talent.


Free Certification

Know our methodology and our tools through a four-hour face-to-face or virtual training at no cost and as part of the rights to use our tools.



We offer activities, articles, access to our book and permanent training sessions for our clients through which we share the results of our latest research, developments and innovations.




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