In THT we discover
the Zone of Genius with the Method of the Colors

With psychometric tests and a reliable methodology make more and better selection

At THT we discover the Zone of Genius with the Color Method

With psychometric tests and a reliable methodology make more and better selection


Know 200 aspects of a person in just 24 hours!

At THT we are more


We have state-of-the-art technology that helps you discover the genius zone of people through 300 tools that measure +100 aspects


With our platform you can create reports according to the variables you want to evaluate


We built our own Psychometrics Laboratory where you will find training resources, content library and more
Method of Colors
The Method of Colors allows to establish a formula to carry out a better selection of personnel, identifies how and in what to develop people, in a memorable and friendly way


Method of Colors
There are no pure styles. everybody we share the styles of these 4 colors: blue, red, yellow and green, in different degrees of intensity. However, we all have some aspects that are predominant to others. Do you want to discover which of these styles fits your personality the most?


THT, an expert in predicting human behavior, is a multi-Latin company with a presence in more than 13 countries, with more than 15 years of experience in practical methodologies to discover the zone of genius in people, during which time it has managed to create the method of the colors with 300 tools to select, develop and align personnel in organizations, ranking among the top firms in human talent, with more than 12,000 trained managers, more than 3 million people evaluated in more than 1,300 organizations .

THT experta en predecir el comportamiento humano, es una compañía multilatina con presencia en más de 13 países, con más de 15 años de experiencia en metodologías prácticas para descubrir la zona de la genialidad de las personas, tiempo en el cual ha logrado crear el método de los colores con 300 herramientas para hacer selección, desarrollo y alineación del personal en las organizaciones, ubicándose en el top de las firmas de en talento humano, con más de 12 mil directivos entrenados, más de 3 millones de personas evaluadas en mas 1.300 organizaciones.

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