Para entender a la Gente

What is the Color Method?

It is a theory based on the four temperaments of Hippocrates and the concepts of William Moulton Marston from Harvard University, which serves to make selection, development and alignment of Human Talent in organizations.

How does it work?

Starting from the different levels of activity or pause, rationality or emotionality of a person it is possible to identify four basic profiles as follows:


Determinant Profile (Vermelho),Influential Profile(Amarelo),Serene Profile(Verde), Conscientious Profile(Azul)Are the people who tend to be Rational and Active.

Are the people who tend to be Emotive and Active.

Are the people who tend to be Emotive and Paused.

Are the people who tend to be Rational and Paused.





According to this classification, it is possible not only to identify the profile of the person but also to know what to look for and how to interact with it more assertively, as shown in the graph:

Cuatro perfiles de comportamiento



Learn more about each profile:




What is it for?

Due to its practicality and coherence, it has the following applications related to the improvement of human interaction:

    • To make a selection
      • Structure the ideal profile of a position.
      • Know the percentage of adjustment of a candidate to a position.
      • Empower new people in their job.
      • Align a person to the corporate culture.
    • To developtht_ic_Desarrollo
      • Identify the profile of a person.
      • Define and evaluate competencies.
      • Build Individual Development Plans.
      • Analyze work teams.
      • Design trainings.
    • For alignment of Human Talenttht_ic_Alineacion
      • Understand the culture of an organization.
      • Define guidelines for organizational change.
      • Prepare a negotiation.
      • Optimize the relationship between two people.