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Tools for selecting people




Select the best ones for achieving superior analysis. Activate various tests, anywhere, with a battery of 10 unlimited tests, accurate and friendly access, Candidate questions, not only to assess but also to develop.


What your organization will gain:

    • Carry out more and better selection processes in less time.
    • Assess the competencies of each person and define concrete actions for improvement.
    • Define what to do and avoid each person to better align another, his/her team, the position and the organization.

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Tools for developing people



What are the skills that your people must have? How developed are they in each person? Identify how each person looks, how his/ her team defines it, the real impact of education, which areas are best, how key is the seniority, who is best at it, how to develop each person, and determine what each person should do to unleash their potential.


What your organization will gain:

    • Evaluate the skills of its people and their evolution over time.
    • Define the potential that leaders, peers and collaborators see in each person.
    • Establish specific groups of people who require some type of training.
    • Generate rankings of the best evaluated people and those who require special support.

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Make your people achieve better results by increasing their ability to work in five steps:

1. Knowing the real needs.

2. Identifying the profile of each person.

3. Learn by doing (Learning by Doing).

4. Generating commitment.

5. Evaluating the impact. What concepts, skills and knowledge become a better performance.

What your organization will gain:

    • Know well the true training needs for each group and each person.
    • Commit each person to his or her improvement plan.
    • Evaluate the actual impact of the training and its contribution to the organization.

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Tools for people alignment



Organize your people even more efficiently by redefining the optimal structure of operations, identifying activities that could consolidate, eliminate, transfer, re-engineer, automate or outsource and achieve a better articulated organization.

What your organization will gain:

    • Define the most efficient areas.
    • Identify how many people you need exactly to operate in the present and future.
    • Better organize the different areas of the organization.
    • Define how to focus people on what really generates value.

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Optimal Profiles

Draw your ideal team by establishing powerful job references. Define exactly: What training is required, the levels of responsibility, the competencies of each position, how you will measure each person, critical behaviors, key positions and achieve clear measures of success for your people.

What your organization will gain:

    • Identify the key positions, preventing your organization from being paralyzed.
    • Specify with what parameters you will measure your people.
    • Have clear references regarding indicators and competencies for each position.
    • Graph each responsibility to understand it more easily.

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Motivate your people better. Identify what makes them vibrate, define what the key is: Autonomy? Stability? Growth? Expression? Teamwork? Recognition? Leadership? And achieve a culture of passion for work.

What your organization will gain:

    • Identify what inspires your people the most.
    • Know in depth, the expectations of the people by areas, zones, profiles and levels.
    • Know which leaders have the greatest leadership capacity.
    • Validate what real impact the action plan would have on your people before implementing it.

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Measure your people better by structuring an articulated set of goals, aligning them to corporate goals, engaging people, conducting effective follow-up, generating objective scores, integrating other assessments, and getting everyone to “push” your organization in the same direction.

What your organization will gain:

    • Commit people to corporate goals.
    • Articulate the work plan of some people with others and with their working groups.
    • Verify who are meeting the results during the year.
    • Demand more from your people in a fairer way.

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Know 33 test with unlimited access.



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