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Practicing the Power of Now

Open your mind to practical and clear formulas to do things in less time.

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Practicing the Power of Now

Author: Eckhart Tolle Narrated by: José Manuel Vieira Length: 2 hrs and 50 mins

This podcast offers interesting elements to improve performance, because it talks about the techniques to make a change in life, be at peace with yourself and learn from your own experiences achieving the happiness and peace desired.

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Language: English


Your Elusive Creative Genius

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

See how you could get new ideas for improvement through this video, which presents formulas to encourage the creative mind, not to be afraid and of course to have love and tenacity to continue your life project without wasting time.

Access: English

Language: Free of charge

Video 2

Learn From Failure

Author: Amy C. Edmondson

See how you could get new ideas for improvement through this video, which presents strategies to analyze and correct errors in the workplace and transform them into opportunities for growth and thus achieve better results.

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Language: English


The Power of Simplicity

Author: Jack Trout

This text states reasons why the human being is getting overwhelmed in daily chores, so it looks for simpler solutions for the problems, which will allow improving performance with respect to thinking about the essentials and understanding before acting.

Access: With cost

Language: English


The five steps of the creative process

Author: Stefan Mumaw

This virtual training offers information about the tools to develop your ability to solve problems in an innovative way, which will be of great support in order to establish a mental organization when developing new projects effectively.

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Language: English

Resumen del libro

Black Box Thinking

Author: Matthew Syed

The conclusions of this book present an analysis on how the human being reacts to a failure and develops a learning process with respect to these adverse situations, in order to move forward and develop new strategies to achieve better results towards success.

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Language: English

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